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The Value of Advice - Do I need an adviser? Thumbnail

The Value of Advice - Do I need an adviser?

The Value of Advice - Do I need an adviser?

We all know that money is important, and that over the years there’ll be big things we’ll need to pay for.

We’re conscious, too, that people are living longer, and that we have to ensure we don’t run out of money in retirement.

But do we need a financial adviser to help us along life’s journey?

For some of us, the simple answer is no, especially with the growing number of websites designed to help us invest and manage our money.

The problem is that much of the advice we read online and in the media is positively bad for us.

 Yes, it can be tempting to manage on our own.

But everyone can benefit from good financial advice and, sooner or later, all of us will need it.

However much you think you know about money and investing, it pays to have an objective expert with your very best interests at heart.

And when we say it pays, we mean it pays. Research has shown that, as well as giving you peace of mind, a good adviser can add about 3% a year to your net investment returns.

Over the course of your investing lifetime, that can add up to a very substantial sum.