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“The investors goal should be to make a large number of good buys, not just a few perfect ones” Howard Marks

Your Pension Is One of the Most Important Ways

To Plan for Your Financial Future

With Biograph Wealth Advisors you get to make the most of the opportunities to grow your money and take advantage of generous tax reliefs.

All pensions aren't created equal. While tax relief is important, the tax-deferred growth is where compounding can really make a difference. We have illustrated a simple example to demonstrate.

For illustrative purposes we have used an investment term of 30 years.

  • 100% World Equity Fund
  • €500 per month
  • 5% net growth
  • Contribution increase at 2% year on year (as earnings increase with inflation)
  • Retire 30 years from now

Scenario A

As per above. The value at the end of 30 years is €515,715

Scenario B

As per above but with 3% net growth instead of 5%. The comparable value at the end of 30 years is €375,546. 3% is what you could potentially achieve from a medium risk fund over the long term.

Scenario C

Based on last 30 years the option with 100% equity would have returned in excess of 7.03% (after custody and advisory charges of 1.70% estimated). This brings the figure to €726,265 (correct to 31/12/2020).

In all examples a little over €146,000 was invested (net of tax relief). The inputs are the same. It should be noted that the above are just illustrations and past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Our Pensions Planning Process


Listen carefully to your needs. 


Create a detailed financial plan. 


Ensure that the plan works for you.


Implement the plan with our strategic partners.

Start Early & Save Monthly

The earlier you begin your pension, the easier it will be to build up a fund to match your income needs in retirement. 

In general, the most effective way to save money over the medium-term is via regular monthly contributions into an investment fund. 

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