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Second Opinion Service

“Never risk what you have and need, for what you don’t have and don’t need” Warren Buffet 

With the ongoing changes to pensions, taxes and investment solutions, it is vital to ensure that your personal finances are fit for purpose. It is often the case that a person can benefit from having a second set of eyes to review their plans. 

What We Offer

A Cup of Coffee & a Second Opinion

You are welcome to come in and have a chat with us. We will discuss your financial goals, both for today and for the future. We will then examine the mechanisms you have in place to achieve these (pension and investment portfolios for example). If we think your current structure is well-suited to your financial goals we will gladly tell you so and send you on your way. 

If, on the other hand, we think some or all of your current structure/s no longer fit with your goals, we’ll explain why in plain English and we can discuss some alternatives. 

Let’s Start the Conversation