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Corporate Services

A well-thought-out and communicated employee benefits programme can be a key part of a long-term employee retention plan. Our experience has identified a few key challenges in this process which we can help employers address.

  • Poor Communication
  • Low Levels of Opt-In
  • High Charges
  • Inappropriate Investment Selection

We Have Three Main Types of Services

For Our Corporate Clients:

Group Scheme Advisors Dublin, Ireland PFP Financial Services

Group Scheme Advisors

We will perform a review of your existing offering and, where appropriate, offer an alternative. We will advise on the appointment of trustees, administrators and fund managers. We will then act as advisors to the employers and their employees. This will include regular employment engagement sessions. In most cases, we have found the benefits of our service offering to be: 

  • Improve communications with employees
  • Make things easier for the employer
  • Reduce charges (to the employer and employees)
  • Better employee opt-in
  • More appropriate investment selection

Consultants to Employers Dublin, Ireland PFP Financial Services

Consultants to Employers

In certain situations, we can advise the employer on their employee benefit plans. We can negotiate fees/terms on their behalf and assist in putting together a best-in-class employee communication programme. This can be charged by way of a fee to the company. 

Income Protection Dublin, Ireland PFP Financial Services

Group Risk - Group Life Cover / Income Protection

This allows employers put in place life insurance and/or income protection for some or all of their staff. Putting this in place allows you to:

  • Augment your benefits package to attract new staff and retain current staff.
  • Provide benefits for staff in an extremely cost-effective manner.
  • Benefit from tax relief on the costs.

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